Pottermore Shifts Marketing Firms

This morning when I got online, the web was a flutter with the news that Pottermore had fired it’s previous marketing house, Adam & Eve, and have hired Momentum UK to take their place. Happening this close to the proposed public opening, I can’t help but wonder if Pottermore is hoping the new company will help them mop up their image. This is sort of the advertising equivalent of one company escaping the train wreck and leaving another company to deal with the damage. Hope Momentum is up for the challenge. Official statement below the fold.


“Momentum UK, the integrated marketing agency, has been appointed to handle JK Rowling’s latest project, Pottermore, with a brief that brings digital and social activity to the fore

Replacing the incumbent agency, Adam & Eve, Momentum has been briefed to define and develop the overall marketing strategy for Pottermore in addition to cultivating ongoing engagement via integrated activity including digital and social.

Pottermore, which was due to launch in October last year but remains in beta, was first unveiled in June 2011 as an “online reading experience” where fans could interact with the author.

The website serves as a permanent home for the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and offers users the chance to participate in an interactive reading experience of the books.

Among other things, readers can move through chapters and follow Harry, visit Diagon Alley, learn spells, duel other users and create potions.

Digital agency Th_nk continues to lead the development of the website, which is now slated for an early April launch.

Charlie Redmayne, chief executive officer of Pottermore, said: “Adam & Eve contributed a huge amount to this project and I am very grateful to them – moving forward, Momentum will bring a wealth of experience in integrating social and digital into broader media and also the ability to service our international requirements.”

Simon Parker, managing partner for Momentum UK, said that Harry Potter is one of the “great cultural touchpoints” and the agency was thrilled Pottermore has asked them to “help encourage a new generation to discover this world and to give fans more of what they love”.


Now you might be wondering the same thing I am, and that is why they aren’t hiring anyone new to consult on the programming aspect of the site, since they wouldn’t be having such bad press situations if they could have gotten the site up and on it’s feet in time. But it is stated plainly in the article you just read that Th_nk would continue managing the developement of the site itself.

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3 thoughts on “Pottermore Shifts Marketing Firms

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  2. sabrina

    Considering I only know the name Adam & Eve as a seller of pornos, I’m glad their not in charge of Pottermore any longer :P

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