A Tale of Two Potions

With the last batch of chapters on Pottermore, a new era for potion making began. Not only did they completely redesign how the Potions game is coded, but they, for the first time ever, made brewing potions REQUIRED to get certain items to move forward through the chapters. Also, for the first time, certain ingredients for the potions MUST BE FOUND and can not simply be purchased in Diagon Alley.

I am working on a new Potions tutorial to replace Potions 101 (which is all but defunct now with the new potions) but for those of you who want to brew the new potions now I thought I would go ahead and share my experiences with each, tell you where to get your ingredients (and some workarounds for tricky ingredients to collect or use).

We will be doing this by potion, so saddle up, first up is…

Swelling Solution

A completed Swelling Solution is required to get into Snape’s private stores in Chapter 5 of Chamber of Secrets. Brewing Swelling Solution will earn you 7 points for your house.



  1. Use your mouse to drag two measures of nettles to the mortar. Give the cauldron a wide berth while you are doing this, the new potions has a tendency to “suck” ingredients into one of the two containers if your drag something too close to them.
  2. Use your mouse to drag three pufferfish eyes to the mortar. Once again keeping your path away from the cauldron.
  3. Crush these by clicking the pestle repeatedly until the meter turns green.
  4. Drag two measures of this newly crushed material from the mortar into the cauldron.
  5. Use the high temp button first to get your temperature into range then switch immediately to low (middle button). From there you will alternate between low heat and no heat at all (left button). Temperature moves much quicker now, so you have to be fairly focused on what you are doing every time you heat your cauldron.
  6. Waving your wand is quite different now. Instead of just clicking on it you will click the handle and drag it around the screen to wave it. It doesn’t matter for how long you wave it, just so long as you wave it. Once you are done just release the mouse button to drop the wand.
  7. Leave to brew for alotted time (45 minutes in copper).
  8. After returning, drag a single bat spleen from the jar and into the cauldron.
  9. Stir 4 times counter clockwise. Stirring is finnicky now. If you try to click and drag the spoon and nothing happens try clicking again. It seems that the spoon has blind spots that sometimes if clicked do not register. Once you have the spoon moving you want to drag the mouse in small circles around the top of the cauldron (much smaller than with the previous iteration of potions).
  10. For this heating I would recommend you do NOT hit the high heat button. Start right on low and be prepared to immediately turn the heat back off. (If you do use high to get in range, it will be for only a moment) The window you must keep the temperature in for this is very small, so you will be alternating about once a second up and down. Try not to let it get too close to the top or bottom of the allowed range, as on some computers the temp seems to like to jump up past the limit when it gets too close.
  11. Wave that wand again and get your 7 points!

Polyjuice Potion

Polyjuice potion is not YET required to proceed, but many of us believe it will be required to get past the coming chapters. This potion awards no house points. Unlike all other potions, this potions has two parts that are treated as two separate potions. The first part must be brewed before you can proceed with the second part.

Part 1



  1. Drag 3 bunches of fluxweed to the cauldron. Look at the picture above to identify your ingredients. I immediately failed my first attempt at this because I picked the wrong green leafy ingredient when it asked for fluxweed. The ingredients do not match the pictures in the instructions book, as you can see.
  2. Drag 2 bundles of knotgrass into the cauldron.
  3. Stir 3 times clockwise. (Remember it’s smaller circles, and if it doesn’t move try to click a different spot on the spoon.)
  4. Grab and drag your wand across the screen to wrap the first phase, release to drop.
  5. Leave to brew for specified time (1 hour in copper)
  6. Upon returning click and drag 4 leeches into the cauldron.
  7. Drop 2 lacewing flies into the mortar. Here I dragged the bottle across, caught it on the edge of the cauldron and tipped it to the left to drop the flies into the mortar. They tend to come out two close together so once you see one drop lift and you will probably end up with 2.
  8. Crush by rapidly clicking the pestle until the meter turns green.
  9. Drag 2 measures of the now crushed flies into the cauldron.
  10. Much like heating in the second phase of Swelling, here you will want to start with low heat and then rapidly switch between low and no heat throughout the heating process. If you use high heat in the beginning it would be for only a moment.
  11. Wave you want one last time and drop it to complete Polyjuice Part 1.

Part 2



  1. Drag 3 bits of boomslang skin from the jar to the cauldron.
  2. Drag 1 measure of bicorn horn to the mortar. Note above which ingredient is bicorn and don’t ask me why you are crushing something that according to this picture seems to have already been crushed.
  3. Crush by rapidly clicking the pestle until the meter turns green.
  4. Drag one bunch of this now doubly crushed bicorn from the mortar into the cauldron.
  5. This heating is not as difficult as in part one, you can use high to get in range then use low heat and no heat to bounce the temperature back and forth within the limits for 20 seconds.
  6. Grab and drag your wand across the screen to complete this phase.
  7. Leave to brew for alotted time (18 hours in copper).
  8. DO NOT TRY TO POUR THE LACEWING FLY DIRECTLY FROM THE BOTTLE. Instead tip the bottle sideways on the table, flies will plop out one at a time onto the desk and then vanish, grab one from there and drag it into the cauldron. Many people have failed after hours of brewing because when they attempted to pour a SINGLE fly into the cauldron from the bottle they kept getting two or three.
  9. Stir 3 times counterclockwise. Remember if it doesn’t move click it somewhere else on the spoon.
  10. Drag 1 bit of Slytherin hair into the cauldron.
  11. Drag and wave your wand to finish your potion and add it to your inventory.
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561 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Potions

  1. Scout

    Hi! I had been experiencing the same auto-fail problems that had been discussed here two years ago (yikes!). However I have found that the answer to “Why do my potions keep failing?” is update Java! I’m a mac user, I tried all of the cauldrons, and all of the browsers and made sure they were all up to date, then after that fixed nothing (frustrating!), I discovered the cite runs on java and I didn’t have it installed at all. I hope this helps!

    / \

  2. jb

    How do you know you need to make swelling solution to open to door in snapes office?

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  4. SilverNox1215

    Add me as a friend : SilverNox1215

  5. Wow amazing potion! For me I want also to make a potion, a love potion. A substance made with or containing ingredients that increase sexual desire. Thank you for this informative blog.

  6. bowtiesandmusic

    So, apparently the site has been updated. It looks like brewing the polyjuice potion is not a requirement anymore. Thankfully that craziness is over and I can move on. I have alot to catch up on.

  7. OakQueen4043

    I am so totally stuck on the polyjuice potion – both parts. Therefore, I can’t move on – which is driving me crazy. Is there any REALLY KIND HEARTED, WONDERFUL PERSON that is willing to send them to me?? I’ll send you whatever you need. I’m just dying to move on – I keep getting email updates, but I’m at a standstill until I can get these potions done. I’m really just hopeless with them.

    Please take pity on me… someone!!!

    • CrimsonMidnight9937

      I don’t think it’s required anymore, but if you still need it, friend me, and I’ll gift it to you.

    • stormgoblet535

      I’d be happy to send you part 1, But would you mind sending me one or two fluxweeds?

  8. WildLight25258

    I have been unable to make the swelling solution over and over again. I just can’t make potions. Is there a way that I canI still be able to get into the storeroom and the Slytherin common room by any other means?

  9. graceful waters

    i am still having so much trouble with just trying to get the fluxweed. i adjusted the zoom but it still wont do anything. i am honestly stressed over this.

  10. Pauline

    Would anyone who is good at potions be willing to gift me part 1 & 2 of Polyjuice. I am horrible at making potions and I can progress without doing it. I will send you all the ingrediants. BETA feedback
    Notifications RainSun25004.

  11. emma

    I am also having real problem brewing these, no matter what I do I keep running out of time on part 1. If anyone needs anything, would be happy to do a gift swap for both parts! DreamCastle25933

  12. bowtiesandmusicals

    This is getting ridiculous. I am still having problems brewing these potions. Would someone be willing to brew it for me. I will send you all the ingredients and anything else you want (within reason). My username is AccioFang62.

  13. Kelly

    Would someone send me Part 2 of the Polyjuice Potion please. My computer freezes on the last step to part 2, and the potions fails to brew correctly. My name is RookSky14265.

  14. Angelina


  15. CrimsonJinx23829

    can someone help me with this? been trying for over a month but i there’s glitch that’s preventing me from completing it. would really be grateful to receive parts 1 and 2 of this potion as this is the only one i can’t seem to brew. thanks!

  16. MidnightPhoenix1295

    Cause I cant gift you part 2 ingredients, i sent you some extra dragon blood …
    tell me if you need more

  17. MidnightPhoenix1295

    Oh and plus the dragon blood

  18. MidnightPhoenix1295

    Thankyou, BronzeQuaffle10566
    I’ve added you, just accept and I will send
    the ingredients
    You are a life saver! Thanks!


  19. PotionPumpkin19239

    If someone could send me a completed polyjuice potion I would be forever greatful! I have been trying for like a month and I just can’t do it! Username: PotionPumpkin19239

  20. BronzeQuaffle10566

    I have a bunch of Polyjuice Potions (1 and 2). If some one wants it I will require the ingredients + 4 bottles of dragon blood.Name: BronzeQuaffle10566

    • HexStar15937

      I’m interested in one. :) My username is HexStar15937 I sent a friend request and will send the ingredients and such when you accept.

    • HexStar15937

      Sorry to reply again, I’m only interested in part 2 of the potion, I have part 1 already. :P

    • OakQueen4043

      You are quite possibly the biggest lifesaver EVER!! I’ve been stuck forever and cannot move on. I sent you a friend request and will send the ingredients after you accept. My username is OakQueen4043

      Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!

    • I don’t have three of the four ingredients to do part 2 of the potion… I’ll send you anything you want (if I have it) in return for the horn of bicorn, skin of bloomslang, and slytherin student hair or for just part 2. I messed up and put the first ingredient in the mortar instead of the cauldron. My name on pottermore is OakCentaur89

    • HexStar15937

      The site isn’t giving me the option to send the ingredients for the actual potion (part 2). I sent the dragon blood already, but is there anything I can give you instead?

    • ThestralSparks31718

      I keep trying to send you all the ingredients but i cannot send you them all, is there any other deal we could strike, for one and two?

    • MugWumpRain137

      Hey if you still have some, I’d be super grateful if you could send me part 2

  21. PhoenixAccio795

    If anyone would like to send me Polyjuice Potion part 2? I would send you anything in return!!!! PLEASE! I need it! My username is PhoenixAccio795

  22. Alex

    To get the fluxweed- just hit the up and down buttons on your keyboard several times, the window cracks and you can then click it :) Hope this helps. I keep running out of time on the polyjuice- any hints?

  23. BatWave9058

    Impossible without a mouse =___=

  24. flameshadow23

    Please help me. :( i’m still stuck on brewing the polyjuice potion. i’ve failed a dozen times. maybe some of you have extras? please add me @flameshadow23

    • skysilver23352

      how did you get more ingredients to remake the polyjuice potion???
      i mucked it up and now there is no button for me to click to brew it???
      please help!

  25. FeatherSilver10133

    I don’t suppose anyone has any spare polyjuice potion (1&2) they could send me, I’m really bad at making it and would be forever grateful

  26. ThestralSparks31718

    can someone please send me part 1 and two of the polyjuice potion!!! i am no good at potion making and i am having trouble getting it completed with the timing!!! my name on it is ThestralSparks31718 and i’m really having a difficult time! also if anyone wants a friend feel free to add me.

  27. bowtiesandmusic

    For whatever reason every time I try to make the first part of the Polyjuice potion it glitches up at the part where you heat the cauldron. It will count down like normal but at some point the time always restarts with the other timer. So basically I have 8 seconds to finish a potion that takes 30 seconds to heat up. Is this happening to anyone else? It’s frustrating to have been trying to make this potion since the chapter was released. My name is AccioFang62 if anyone wants to friend me and give me some advice on making this potion.

    • SeekerKey13692

      I’ve been having the exact same problem. It’s extremely frustrating. I’m trying again now but if it happens again I’m gonna try using a another browser. If you find out how to fix this please let us know!

      • kitkat1250

        I was having the same issue i bought a faster cauldron then just tried to complete the potion as fast as i could w/o messing up and it worked hope this helps…

    • skysilver23352

      how did you get more ingredients to remake the polyjuice potion???
      i mucked it up and now there is no button for me to click to brew it???
      please help!

    • leeanne

      it happens to me!!!!! dont know how to fix it

  28. twice I am failed in making Polyjuice potion. and I can’t continue to the book 3. I don’t know how to make this potion for third time (getting frustrasted because can’t continue to the next book :p)

  29. CharmElm30421

    Hi, I like it seems many others have been having a hard time with the swelling solution. Every time I get to the final stage, it adds an extra 30 seconds and then tells me I am out of time! I am getting frustrated. If someone would please send me the solution, I would be very grateful! My name is CharmElm30421. Thanks!

    • Sheryl

      i can send it to you in exchange for the polyjuice potion part 2. username riverspell1382

  30. OakQueen4043

    I am wondering if anyone would be willing to help a fellow Gryffindor? I just cannot brew the Polyjuice Potion. I’ve been trying for weeks. I keep coming close and always manage to screw something up. (Both parts). Is there anyone that is willing to friend me and send it to me? To say that I’d be eternally grateful is an understatement! Thanks for the consideration!

  31. Kelsey Vorrie

    Help! Need Polyjuice potion parts 1 and 2. Could anyone send me them??? Add me: I am AvisPhoenix75

  32. Do we have to do part 2 right after part 1?? Can’t we wait 6 hours??

  33. NightStrike19791

    If there’s anyone on here still willing to send out both parts of the Polyjuice potion I would so so sooo greatly appreciate it. I’ve been trying to brew it for so long and I’m basically at my wits end. I’d be more than happy to provide ingredients and/or buy something in return!!

  34. Echoseeker20

    Please can someone send me both part 1 and 2 of the polyjuice potion as I have tried so many times to make part 1 but I just can’t do it. I will send you anything you want in return. Thanks!!

  35. HazelSpirit46

    If anybody could send me both parts of the Polyjuice Potion I would be ETERNALLY grateful! I’ve been trying for… I can’t even remember how long! I always mess up on Part 2 of Potion 1 and now the holiday period is over, I am rarely home long enough to check on the potion in time!


  36. MidnightPhoenix1295

    Can someone please send me both parts of the Polyjuice Potion
    for I have attempted it many times,
    can someone please send me some – I will gladly send whatever potion
    ingredients you want. Thanks – my username is MidnightPhoenix1295

  37. HexStar15937

    Can someone please send me part 2 of the Polyjuice potion? I’ve been having so much trouble with this one! My wireless connection isn’t very good and for some reason waving my wand at the end never works when I even make it that far (the screen always freezes when I click on the wand). :( It’s a miracle I somehow made the first part. I’ve managed to make it to the end three times and the wand didn’t work, so I’ve lost patience for it with it being so time consuming.
    I’m not asking for free, I’ll gladly send you something back if you want if I have it in my inventory!
    Please add me if you can help! Thanks. HexStar15937

  38. pianneseestheworld

    Could anyone help me out with both Polyjuice Potions? I am terrible at potion making. I’ll be providing the ingredients of course, and something else if you’d like! Add me (FireboltDragon59)

  39. I have no fluxweed, how do I get it once its gone??

  40. OwlWatch30615

    Can anyone send me the polyjuice potion (both parts). I’m having a lot of trouble brewing it like most people, I’ve tried soo many times! My username is OwlWatch30615 if anyone wants to help me out. Thanks!! =)

    • WombatSilver2549

      Send me a friend request (WombatSilver2549) and I’ll send you both Polyjuice.

      • WombatSilver2549

        Used up my spare, but will brew you some more.

        • OwlWatch30615

          Omg thank you so much! I just sent you a friend request. Is there anything you want me to send you or anything you want me to buy you from Diagon Alley in exchange? Let me know.

          • WombatSilver2549

            I could use some Lethe River Water for the Forgetfulness Potion. The second Polyjuice should be ready later today. : )

        • nikki georgopulos

          Thank you soooo much! If there’s anything else you need at all, I owe you! Just name it!

        • Émilie

          my browser won’t let me click on the flux weed even when i zoom in. What can i do?

          • WombatSilver2549

            Keep clicking until the car backs up, then you should be able to get the fluxweed.

  41. nikki georgopulos

    I am going crazy trying to make it through the polyjuice potion. I’m having timer issues like a lot of people. I think I’ve tried it a dozen times now and I can’t take it anymore! Be a pal and send me some? I’m MahoganyWave2098. Will happily repay the favor in any way that I can!

    • Bob

      Can someone please help me as well – I’m so sorry for any more
      inconvenience caused but I tried brewing at least a dozen times and failed
      the time limit – and now I can’t even buy the ingredients from Diagon Alley
      Please can someone rescue me! Thanks to the top of the moon!!!
      My name is MidnightPhoenix1295 – Thanks again

  42. FeatherDust3696

    I can’t stand waiting hours for this potion and I always fail the second part of the PART ONE potion!!! waaaaaah
    can some angel please friend me and send me both potions!!! my name is featherdust3696 and i will repay you however you want, any ingredients or anything!!!

    • HeartFeather31548

      I accepted your request. I sent you part one and I will have part two ready in a few days, as I have others waiting as well. :)

      • FeatherDust3696

        thank u so much!!!! anything u need in return???

        • HeartFeather31548

          Any ingredients will be awesome! I brew all potions about the same, so any would be much appreciated. :)

          • FeatherDust3696

            Sent you some ingredients today, could you send me part two if you have time? I will give more ingredients in return :) thanks a bunch!!!

  43. Can someone please send me Polyjuice Potion? I’m really bad at making potions.

  44. DraconisQuest3439

    I’d like help with both parts as well, I get a timer problem at the end of Part 1. I’ve tried 6 times to make it, I’m starting to pull my hair out over this, any help would be awesome. I can trade ingredients of course. Friend Me Please :)

  45. HowlShield28993

    is there anyone can send me the potion both part 1 and part 2? I keep fail to make them.
    my username HowlShield28993

    • HeartFeather31548

      I sent you both parts. :)

      • OwlWatch30615

        Hii is there any chance you could send me part 1 and 2 of the polyjuice potion too? I’ve tried to brew it soo many times and I keep running out of time. I’d really appreciate it if you could! :)

        ps – my pottermore name is OwlWatch30615

      • HowlShield28993

        Thank you so much. is there any ingredients you need?
        finally I figure out ho to make both parts. :)
        is there anybody still need them? I still have 2 sets left. send me request

      • WaveGold7015

        Please help me! i need SWELLING SOLUTION and POLYJUICE POTION (both parts)!!!!!!! I’m stuck :( Add me: WaveGold7015

  46. QuillQueen98

    Can someone please send me the swelling solution. I have been trying to brew it for ages but have never succeeded. I would love to move on but without the swelling solution it is not happening.

    • OwlWatch30615

      Do you still need the swelling solution? I can send it to you if you still need it, let me know.

  47. PhoenixDream19424

    Could somebody please please please tell me how to get rid of a potion that doesn’t acknowledge its time is up? I was trying to make part 1 of the Polyjuice Potion a few hours ago, and it was fine until I came to check it after brewing time was up. When I tried to go and finish it, a box came up saying ‘NaN% Complete – Come Back Later’ and I still get that message several hours later, so I can’t try again or make any other potions! Really frustrating!

    • OwlWatch30615

      I had the same issue before but there was nothing I could do to fix it. It eventually fixed itself and the potions started brewing properly after a while. I think it’s just a bug with the website.

  48. PhoenixDream19424

    Can someone please send me Polyjuice part 1, because I am having the problem with the ‘NaN% complete’ thingy… Very frustrating :(

  49. CastleCloak16848

    can someone send me all 3? i think there’s a glitch that makes me run out of time… and i need friends :D

    • HeartFeather31548

      I accpeted your friend request, but it you are not showing up on my friend’s list. I will send them to you once I figure this out.

  50. PhoenixAccio795

    Hey, could anyone PLEASE send me the polyjuice potion part 1? I have tried multiple times but it’s just too hard. >.< If you'd like, I would even send you the ingredients!!

    BTW-HAHA I saw someone else with the username PhoenixAccio except there was a different number. How cool!

    • HeartFeather31548

      I think I sent you one, it might have been HowlShield, though. Let me know if you recieved it. :)

      • PhoenixAccio795

        I got it, thank you soooo much! It would be appreciated if you could send me part 2 also, but you don’t have to. I’ve tried two times and it’s a little tricky.

  51. goldheart178

    can some one please send me part one and two of the polyjuice potion, i am horrible at brewing potions! i’ll send ingredients or whatever you need

  52. PumpkinHowl111

    Hi there, great post. I was wondering, though, if someone could possibly send me Polyjuice Potion (both parts), as I always have a hard time brewing potions, and I’m pretty sure I’ll mess it up. I’d be really thankful! Oh, and I’d send the person all the ingredients, of course. Thanks ;)

  53. PhoenixAccio17448

    If someone could please send me the Swelling Solution and Polyjuice Potions I will send you whatever ingredients you need. I cannot get the hang of potions and the Swelling Solution keeps glitching. I have friend requested some commenters who have sent other people potions. Please help!!

    • HeartFeather31548

      I sent you Swelling Solution and Polyjuice part 1. Part 2 will be ready tomorrow.

      • PhoenixAccio17448

        OMG you are a life-saver! Thank you so much! If you need anything, please let me know.

      • GobletSword77

        Maybe I am too forward with this but could you send me the swelling solution I am pants at it :(
        Any ingredients you will need for this I will send you ;)

    • WombatSilver2549

      I accepted your friend request. Let me know if you still need any potions.

      • NoxRook14869

        I’m still stuck at the slytherin common room. Do I need both the swelling potion AND the polyjuice potion? And if I do could someone send one to me? I’m a complete disaster at potion making…

  54. NoxRook14869

    Hey, can someone help me please, I’ve been trying to brew the polyjuice potion 8 times now and I just keep failing at it.. Could someone please help me??

    • HeartFeather31548

      I sent you a friend request. Add my and I will send you them.

      • NoxRook14869

        Thank you! thank you!!!
        Friend request is ok, I you let me know which ingredients you’d like, just let me know and I’ll send them to you. Thanks!!

        • HeartFeather31548

          Thank you for the ingredients! I did send them to you, right? (Just double checking)

  55. I’m having a hard time with the swelling solution – it brews for the correct amount of time but then I fail and it tells me i have run out of time. I been trying to brew it for two days. can anyone send it to me/add me? I’m seekerleviosa2315

  56. NightAccio1396

    Where do you click on make the polyjuice potion part one?? I’m sooo confused

    • HeartFeather31548

      In the spell book right under “Buy ingredients from Diagon Alley”, you should have a book called “Moste Potente Potions” that you collected. If you didn’t collect it yet, it is chapter ten, scene one. Also, if you have all the ingredients and the book, it should show up when you choose a potion and a cauldron.

  57. SkyFlame8979

    I have the same problem as Mimi (PatronusFelicis19306) with the swelling potion. When I am at the second heating process, it tells me I’ve failed the potion cause I ran out of time, but I started the second half as soon as the waiting period was over. I tried it at least 8 times, everytime it’s the same problem. Did I do something wrong?

    • HeartFeather31548

      It is probably a glitch. Do you click on “Come back later” if not, try that. I can also send you one if you want.

      • PhoenixKey2103

        Hey HeartFeather31548, is there anyway you could send me part 1&2 of polyjuice potion? I’ve tried so much times but just can’t get them right! I’ll send you any ingredients you want in return?! :)

        • HeartFeather31548

          I sent you part 1, and part 2 will be ready by tomorrow morning. Any ingredients will be appreciated. :)

  58. Could someone please send me Part 2 of the Polyjuice potion, I already have Part 1. My computer’s old and the potions always freeze :/ . My username is PixieNimbus26119. Thanks.

  59. pixiehazel4567

    I’ve tried to make part one of the Polyjuice potion six times, and haven’t been successful once. I kinda feel like crying right now. Is anyone willing to trade for it?

    • Filch

      Hi PixieHazel,
      I sent you the potions. I hope that you will continue to try and brew them on your own, but at least you can now continue to enjoy the site. Hang in there- brewing gets easier after a while


  60. Filch

    Hi Elm,
    I just “earned” a new badge for Games by brewing 3 potions in a row. Must be a new thing because I’ve brewed over 2000 potions and I’m pretty sure I must have brewed 3 in a row several times. Nice to see you up there on the leader board! Keep it going! -Filch

    • HButon

      Just saw that pop up in my potions part. waiting to finish my second potion. Fingers crossed.

      • heartfeather31548

        Interesting. I checked my badges and I have one too called “the potions apprentice.” I didn’t notice that.

  61. Mel

    I’m about to brew the second half of part two (so I’m in that 18 hour waiting period), and I am so stressed about the lacewing part that I’ve spent the morning reading up on it and watching tutorials. I really don’t want to mess this up after such a long wait. Does anyone know if the lacewing-bottle-tip-on-the-table still works? I read in a comment that multiple people received a fail when they tried that. If you’re holding it from the very top and tipping slowly, is it easy enough to tip in one? Has anyone made it in the last few days? Which method did you use for getting the lacewings into the cauldron for that final step in using them?

    • heartfeather31548

      I brewed it on monday. I have tried both methods. I have only succeeded on tipping and catching the lacewing fly once because I seem to have trouble catching it, though I know a lot of people who have been able to. I generally tip the bottle over the cauldron. I use the cauldron to tip the bottle very slowly (as I do for all bottles) and as soon as I see that fly come out, I bring the bottle right back up. Good luck, but You can do it! Let us know how it goes.

    • SkullQuill27920

      Tip it on the TABLE so that the flies fall on the TABLE. Just lay it down and hover your mouse over the opening. When a fly appears, click and hold. Put that in the cauldron. Works for me every time. And if a few poof into dust on the table, who cares? It won’t fail you.

      • Mel

        Do you have to pick up the bottle afterward, or can you leave it turned on its side? Thank you so much everyone! I can’t believe how nervous I am about this. 18 hours of waiting turns this high stakes… And as someone who has botched every potion at least once, I don’t have a great track record.

        • heartfeather31548

          Technically you can leave Amy bottle tipped over. I sometimes tend to knock my bottles when setting them down, nut more flies will continue to pour out. I have never left my lacewing bottle down, though, as I try the table method, and then hive up to put it.

          • Mel

            Thank you! I’m at 90% so I’ll be back in a few hours to let you know if it worked.

            • Mel

              IT WORKED! I am so relieved. I picked up the bottle before I stirred. I don’t know — it’s the neat freak in me. Thank you so much.

              • heartfeather31548

                Yay! I am glad it worked out! I always pick up my bottles too. I don’t like them knocked over and even though it doesn’t fail you, I don’t like watching things fall out of them.

                • SkullQuill27920

                  It also tends to slow your computer down if you have a ‘leaking’ bottle. As my computer has started not liking the potion brewing page, I have to pick up the lacewing bottle right after I’m done with it.

  62. PixieStone21372

    ahh can anyone send me the part one of polyjuice potion and I’ll trade them some ingredients? the lacewing flies keep tumbling out at once and ruining the potion after waiting an hour and a half!

    • heartfeather31548

      Add me and I can send you one, pixie.

    • SkullQuill27920

      Says I’m posting too quickly when this is my second comment. Ah, well.
      I’ll send you part 1 if you send me a few Bat Spleens.

  63. Shonagh

    the swelling solution is pissing me off. I wait a whole hour for part two of it, and when I’m done stirring anti-clockwise and have to heat it at a low temperature it doesn’t matter if I click the orange button or the red, before either of the buttons have the chance to raise the temp within range, the game ends saying that I couldn’t keep the temp controlled and that I’ve to try again next time. Help?

    • SkullQuill27920

      Either you ran out of time or there’s a glitch. I can send you part 2 if you send me a few Bat Spleens. I’d need your pottermore name though.

  64. SkullQuill27920

    Gah! Was working on Polyjuice 1 but my leech went flying and wound up in the mortar. ARGH.

  65. LumosWalnut8514

    could somebody please send me both polyjiuce potions?! i just can’t seem to brew them and i really need them! i am willing to send ingredients if needed to brew this potion, my username is LumosWalnut8514 add me. THANK YOU!!!!! =)

    • heartfeather31548

      I sent you polyjuice part 1. I can send you part 2 after I send one to cloak mist, so it should be ready by Monday morning.

    • SkullQuill27920

      I saw you already got Part 1. Let me get Part 2 started and I’ll send it to you.

      • heartfeather31548

        Thanks, SkullQuill. I am happy to brew potions for others, but due to the lack of points earned and the amount of time it takes away from brewing for points, I used up my extra part polyjuice part two’s and had to brerewing them as needed, haha.

        • SkullQuill27920

          Just finished part 2 and am brewing some Swellings. I’ll send it right along~

          • heartfeather31548

            Thanks. I received it and passed it over to Lumoswalnut.

            • lumoswalnut8514

              Thank you do much to all of u skull quill and heart feather, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!! I will send some ingredients when I get a chance’

              • SkullQuill27920

                I don’t need Polyjuice ingredients. BAT SPLEENS. The bottom part of the Troll in the Bathroom moment is cut off, even when fully loaded. I can’t collect more Bat Spleens and it irritates me.

  66. HButon

    I have part one of the polyjuice potion done. Can I brew a second part one of the potion before moving on to have a spare in case I make a mistake?

    • heartfeather31548

      You can brew a second part one just in case, but because both parts are treated as s(and are stored as) two separate potions, you should be fine with one if you make a mistake during part two.

      • HButon

        THANKS! I a bit reluctant to start part two. I so don’t want to wait so long again if I mess up.

        • heartfeather31548

          I understand. Messing up on potions can be scary business. I’m no good with dueling so all of my house points comes from potions, luckily I created a system so it doesn’t take over my life, haha. Thank you for sending me those ingredients. I will be glad to send you a poly juice potion part two. Just give me time to brew it up. :-)

          • lumoswalnut8514

            PLEASE send me both polyjuice potions!!!! i added u already =)

  67. Daera

    I have tried countless times making the Polyjuice Potion and I can’t get it. It either messes up during the lacewing flies or my timer starts over and it messes up during the heating process. If someone could please send me some I would be so grateful I just want to get past this level. My username is HowlOwl10076. Thanks so much!

    • heartfeather31548

      I saw you added me and sent you both potions. Of course any ingredient would be helpful and much appreciated. :-)

      • Daera

        Thanks so much! Well is there any ingredient that you need?

      • CloakMist9536

        If I add you, will you send me some, too?! I’m so desperate. I just want to move on, and it’s been about a week of trying, and failing, at the polyjuice potions. :(

        • heartfeather31548

          No problem. I accepted you friend request and sent you part one. Part two will be ready tomorrow morning.

          • CloakMist9536

            You are a GEM!!! I’ll send you all kinds of fun things! I’m geeking out!! :D I don’t know why it won’t work for me, though. I’ve brewed tons of potions, but these ones just….don’t work?

            • heartfeather31548

              I sent it to you. Thank you for the ingredients!! And I understand, these potions can be tricky. It took me forever to get swelling solution. My struggle with polyjuice part 1 is how I stumbled across elm’s blog.

      • HButon

        I blew up my copper cauldron. I think I’ll be taking remedial potions with snape this year. Any chance you can spare a polyjuice part II? HallowWild24599

      • HButon

        HeartFeather YOU ROCK!!!!!! Thanks, let me know if I can help you. I’m still going to attempt part II, hope I don’t blow up another cauldron :)

  68. CloakMist9536

    The timing on my polyjuice potion is all confused. When I heat it up, after 30 seconds, I go to wave my wand, and it says I failed because it was not heated correctly. But I waited 30 seconds! I’ve tried so many times now. :( There are times when there are 2 countdown clocks up. Should I wave my wand then?? HELP! I’m so tired of waiting hour after hour to see if I wave my wand correctly. :(

    • heartfeather31548

      I have had that problem before, not with polyjuice but with swelling solution. What worked for me is clicking on “come back later”. What I do is click on that, set a timer on my phone, and close the page entierly, returning when my timer goes off. That way I can get other things done too. You can also trying clearing your cookies; I hear that helps. Also, make sure your web browser doesn’t need updating.

    • HButon

      I had the same problem. I then waited a second or two after the clock said 30 to wave my wand. that finally worked

  69. HexUnicorn15341

    For some reason i cant do the swelling solution because my computer wont let me. so i cant get the ingredients i need for Polyjuice! can someone please send me ingredients or give me polyjuice potion?! please help!

    • heartfeather31548

      Sent you a request on PM. Add me and I will help you out.

    • HButon

      I will I’m HallowWild24599, friend me and I’ll help you out

    • heartfeather31548

      Hex, I feel so bad I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you added me until now. I will brew your part 2 today.

  70. flightflame4303

    This is probably the 8th time I’ve tried the swelling potion…can’t imagine how I’m going to do the polyjuice potion. If someone could gift me the polyjuice I would be overjoyed. I can even gift the ingredients if that’s needed!!!!

    • SkullQuill27920

      Send me a few Bat Spleens [used for Swelling Solution; I can’t collect them because it cuts off the bottom segment of the page and zooming does nothing] and I’ll send you both Polyjuices.

      • flightflame4303

        I just sent five..is that enough? Can always send more if needed :)

        • SkullQuill27920

          That’ll keep me for awhile, thanks.
          I’m waiting on the brewing period for P1 at the moment. Couldn’t work on it earlier because I kept getting called away from the computer. It’s 87% done~

    • heartfeather31548

      I saw you added me to PM. Since skull quill is sending you pokyjuice potions, I will send you the swelling solution.

  71. Urm, I’m obviously kind of late to this but I appear to have run out of fluxweed?? Now Pottermore won’t let me collect any more so I’m kind of stuck on the Polyjuice Potion. Any help?? Thanks :/ BronzeWormwood26371

    • heartfeather31548

      I saw you added me. I sent you a polyjuice part one. For your flux weed, did you try what elm suggested? Her suggestion worked for me. The only way pottermore will allow me to collect it is by zooming on the browser by holding the CNTL button and clicking the up arrow button on they keyboard until it let me highlight it. Hope that helps.

    • flightflame4303

      Go to Book 2, Chapter 5, Moment 2…I’ve gone back and gotten fluxweed like 5 times and gotten it. Just keep double clicking on the screen so the willow hits the car enough to collect it! Good luck!!

  72. SkullQuill27920

    …..For pity’s sake… I can’t brew swelling solution because of the glitch (can’t collect bat spleens), and I gifted mine away to people who needed them, so now I can’t get back into Snape’s cupboard for the Boomslang Skin and Bicorn Horn.
    I’d be glad to brew Swelling and both Polyjuice for people, but at the moment I’m restricted to Polyjuice 1, unless someone gifts me Bat Spleens. :c

    • WombatSilver2549

      Swelling Solution keeps kicking me off for the wrong temperature after I’ve added the bat spleen. I’d be happy to send you some bat spleens, since I don’t have a problem collecting them. Could you either send me the Swelling Solution or give me any advice on temperature control for the 2nd part? WombatSilver2549

      • WombatSilver2549

        I finally got it! I had to switch to my pewter cauldron. I guess the copper cauldron heats too quickly.
        You can still have the bat spleens if you need them.

        • SkullQuill27920

          I haven’t had any trouble with Copper, and yes I could use some Bat Spleens.

          • WombatSilver2549

            I sent the bat spleens. I finally got both Polyjuices brewed! Part 1 took a couple tries, but thankfully I got part 2 on my first try.

          • WombatSilver2549

            Thanks for the swelling solution. Let me know if you need more Bat Spleens.

        • SilverWombat8182

          I’ve had precisely the same problem! Only the timer is also broken on the second part, and the temperature measure doesn’t even leave the bulb section. I’ll have to try this. (Maybe it has something against the words Silver and Wombat…)

    • Eyehallow202

      I tried brewing the polyjuice part 2 and failed and now I cant seem to go back and get any of the ingredients can you usually?

      • SkullQuill27920

        Do you still have the Swelling Solution? If you gifted it away, you have to get it again to go into Snape’s Storage.

    • HButon

      I’ll send you stuff if you accept my friend request HallowWild24599

  73. Lena

    Does anyone know when polyjuice after 18 hours is ready how long the times after before it fails or you know what I mean the time after the 18 hours brewing that I can continue it???? please help me because other wise I need to stand up 5.30 in the morning and it’s still vacation???

    • You have a nine hour grace period on Polyjuice Potion Part II. Whatever the time it takes to brew a potion, you get half that time as the grace period after it’s completed, before it times out.

      • HeartFeather31548

        I have always wondered about that. Thanks for the tip, Tathrin. :)

  74. BronzeStorm28456

    If anyone needs Swelling Solution add me and I can send it to you.

    • Mimi

      Please send me the swelling solution if you can! I have tried several times but failed because it keeps saying I’ve run out of time when I’m heating it :( I’ve added you, and my name is PatronusFelicis19306
      Thank you!

  75. Peverell

    I will give Polyjuice Part 1 and Part 2 to anyone who will give me Needlework and Montrose Magpies Badge.

  76. Chibi

    I’ve brewed the Polyjuice more than five times now and failed each time! Could someone please send me both part 1 and two of the potion? I’m EchoPhoenix5914, pleaseee help!

  77. SkullQuill27920

    Uh, that’s strange. Would people mind sending me Bat Spleens? I’m trying to collect them from the scene Elm said they were in (Book1 Chapter10, Moment3) but any Moment page I go to have a large portion of the bottom cut off. It says it is fully loaded and the animation/music starts running. Since the spleens are on the floor, I can’t get them. :<

  78. FlameHeart17330

    The tips here are so helpful. Didn’t realize potions and ingredients could be gifted either… (Kinda behind on the “friending” aspect of Pottermore). On my 3rd attempt of Polyjuice part 2. Keeping fingers crossed! Feel free to add me (please do)!

    FlameHeart17330 :)

  79. SkullQuill27920

    Just add me, SkullQuill27920, and I’ll send you them. Might want to post a reply here so it shows up in my e-mail, too.

    • Runesilver11172

      I need Polyjuice Potion. I added you. I’m happy to gift back any or all of the ingredients, just let me know what you want.

      • SkullQuill27920

        Sure thing. Let me log in.
        You need part 1 or part 2? Sent you back both. And the ingredients would be great! Particularly the one from the Whomping Willow scene and the Slug Spell one~

        • Hi! I just added you too, I´m FeatherPotion13423 :) I need the swelling solution… have tried making it a bunch of times now… unsuccessfully… :// I can send the ingredients to you as well… just tell me what you need :)
          Thank you!

    • Please send me a Sweeling Solution – I’ve just added you – WizardJinx8194 :) thank you!

      • SkullQuill27920

        I just gifted my last one and am brewing another Swelling right now. :3

    • HeartSpell16785

      Hey! I friended you, and I’m in dire need of Swelling. Everytime I’m almost done with the 2nd part it’s always “oops, you let the temp go out of range” UGH. I’d be happy to gift back all the ingredients! Haha, I really appreciated it(:

      • SkullQuill27920

        Will do. Strangely, it has never given me a problem.
        xD Guess I ought to start brewing some more if you all want potions.

    • morojo

      I’ve sent you a friend request, I’m PixieNimbus26119, I’d really appreciate it if you sent me a polyjuice potion, I’d happily gift back the ingredients.

      • SkullQuill27920

        Sent back part 1. I’ve got a Swelling Solution brewing at the moment, and then I’ll set up another duo of Polyjuice.

    • sarah

      Could I get both potions? (I REALLY suck at potion brewing.) I’d be willing to gift you anything I have in my trunk. I’m ElmLight52.

      Thank you so much!

      • SkullQuill27920

        Both Polyjuices? Or both which?
        -_- And I’d love a few Bat Spleens. There’s a glitch where I can’t collect them. No Bat Spleens, no Swelling Solution. So I’ve been brewing Polyjuice instead.

        • Sarah

          Er, could I get a swelling solution and both polyjuices? I’m on a laptop, and it is next to impossible to brew potions without a proper mouse.

          I will send you some bat spleens right away! If you need anything else then please ask. (I just don’t have access to puffering eyeball thingers…) Ugggh.

          • SkullQuill27920

            I need the Bat Spleen first. Then I can make Swelling, collect the P2 ingredients, start P2, grab more ingredients, and then send the full set to you. Pufferfish Eyeball? You can buy those in Diagon Alley.
            I think I sent Poly1 to you already, though. Could you check? Thanks.

    • BronzeStorm28456

      Could you please send me Polyjuice part 1 and 2? Stupid lacewing flies…


    • Actually, I don’t need a swelling solution. (I always thought that I need a swelling solution + polyjuice potion to access the common room. Turns out I only needed the polyjuice potion.) Thank you so much!

      Also, I’ve sent you some bat spleens.

      –Sarah aka ElmLight52

    • PatronusMidnight33

      I am in desperate need of polyjuice part 1.

      I have tried brewing it over ten times and every single time I have to crush it into a fine powder, it doesn’t work for about thirty seconds, but then it’s too late. So, I’m very frustrated. I would really appreciate it if you could please send it to me. If you need any ingredients let me know, I’d be happy to give them to you.

      Thank you so much!

    • Buffy

      Hey, I’m StarCloak127. I am literally the worst at potions ever, so of course Polyjuice… well not awesome. I finally succeed at the Swelling Solution and even after that I still can’t get into Snape’s office. So if your offer of the Polyjuices still stands I would love them, and any advice on how to make the Solution work. Thanks so much!! And anyone feel free to add me ^_^

      • SkullQuill27920

        StarCloak127, let me brew another P1. xD I keep giving away the one I need in order to make P2.

  80. AvisRiver11734

    I’m really struggling with Polyjuice Potion :/ I failed in the second part and now it says i have no fluxweed. I can’t buy it and there’s none in Snape’s stores so I’m seriously stuck.. Is there anyone who could send me one? Thanks.

    • HeartFeather

      AvisRiver, I saw you added me. Fluxweed is found in chapter five. You need Swelling Sollution to get things from Snape’s Stores. I already sent you a swelling solution. I’ll send you Polyjuice as well. Give me time to brew it up. Ingredients would be much appreciated. ;)

  81. MagicSky30

    Can anybody please please send me a swelling solution i have tried near enough 100 times but it keeps telling me iv failed.

  82. Martin

    hey HeartFeather31548. I’ve added u in pottermore. my username is WitchThestral1705. I’m stuck with the swelling solution. Can u send me one of them? thank u so much

    • HeartFeather31548

      No problem, Martin. I just sent you one.

      • Martin

        thanks HeartFeather31548 you helped me a lot. but, can u send me the polyjuice potion as well? my browser got glitched. thanks in advance!

      • Martin

        dear HeartFeather31548, im really struggling with the polyjuice part 2. my browser glitched every time i make it. can u send me one please? thank you so much.

        • heartfeather31548

          I am sorry I didn’t see this until now. I will be glad to send them to you.

  83. Please someone PLEASE send me the swelling solution! It has driven me completly mad! I will be so thankful you can never imagine! FelicisRiver19850

  84. ErisedOak142

    I am killing myself over the stinkin’ polyjuice potion. Can someone send it to me? I will gift back the ingredients. My username is ErisedOak142

  85. Dria

    I’m trying to brew the swelling potion but when I checked on it after the brewing it said “NaN% complete. Come back later.” This is the second day! Did anyone find a way to fix it or move past it? :(


    • Bootsie26407

      I am having the SAME problem! GAH! If someone could send me a swelling solution so I can move forward, that would be AWESOME! xoxo, BloodUnicorn26407. Thanks!

  86. CloakPhoenix176

    Could anyone send me Polyjuice Potion? I’m terrible at brewing and I’d love to proceed with the chapters… I’ve been stuck on this for months, I swear. I still don’t have the Swelling Solution but I keep trying to brew it. Thanks a lot.

    • HeartFeather31548

      CloakPheonix, add me and I’ll send you the Polyjuice and Swelling. I’ll need to make another Polyjuice part two, so give me 18 hours. :) My username is HeartFeather31548

  87. MoonstoneSkull23874

    HELP PLEASE! My mouse will NOT let me grab the dried nettles no matter how hard I try. It just ‘poofs’ then tells me I failed. I need the Swelling Solution. Pleeeease.

    • tathrin

      MoonstoneSkull23874, have some dried nettles. Let us know if you need more help! :)

  88. RuneSilver11172

    Can someone please gift me with Polyjuice Potion? I’d gift back all the ingredients. I’ve tried to make it so many times and it cannot get it. I’ve put more time into this than I care to admit because I so badly want to get into the Slytherin Common Room.

    My username is RuneSilver11172

  89. MagicHeart31

    Can someone please send me a polyjuice potion? I have tried so many times :( My username is MagicHeart31.

  90. morojo

    Could some please send me a Polyjuice potion? I’ve tried so many times but my computer is slow and freezes during potion making. I will send back the ingredients to you. My username is PixieNimbus26119.

  91. Hi,
    Is there anyone out there who could please give me a Swelling Solution? And maybe Polyjuice?
    I have tried to brew many times but always failed. It’s always said “you don’t keep temperature bla bla bla”. And it’s happen when I brew another potion too. I don’t understand where my mistake to failed keep that “damn” temperature (forgive me for my language) because the thermometer NOT YET REACH the bottom “green line”, this really make me frustasing….
    can you help me with that, I asked in my own country community but no one answer it yet….

    Oh, I am new in pottermore btw, and search new friend. anyone want be friend with me??


  92. AccioFelicis837

    Hey can someone please send me a Swelling Solution, I will send them back all the ingredients

    • I am GlowQuill18006 on Pottermore, I’ll send you a Swelling Solution.

      • marsno83

        Hey! I just added you (Aileskull19525) could please send me the potion too? I’ve been brewing it 15 times and still the second timer is 20 seconds instead of 30.. i just don’t get it!
        That would be really nice!

        • tathrin

          Aileskull19525: When you try and brew the Swelling Solution, do you watch the timer count down in between steps one and two? Because the thing that appears to happen to most people, when their timer glitches out too fast in the second step, is that Pottermore seems to fail to reset the timer in between if you don’t close the window and re-open it. Or at least exit potions, and come back when it’s finished. You could give that a try.

          In the meantime, however, I’ve gone ahead and sent you one.

  93. crimsonsparks4009 (Sparky)

    Dreamstone55, I can send you one now, if you want.

  94. DreamStone55

    Hi fellow Hogwartians,
    Is there anyone out there who could please spare a completed Swelling Solution? I have tried to brew one 37 times (I’ve been counting) to no avail. I probably would have nothing to offer you, but if there is something you’re hard-pressed to find, I will poke around for it. My username is DreamStone55 – cheers!
    Also, Elm, I like your blog; it’s so helpful, keep up the O-grade work!

  95. Tathrin

    To those having trouble brewing the swelling solution, are you remembering to exit the countdown window before beginning the second part? That seems to be the most common cause of glitches, especially in regards to timing-out and heating problems. If that isn’t your problem, or you still can’t get it to work after trying that fix, let me know. I still have a few swelling solutions sitting around that I can help people out with. I am GlowQuill18006 on Pottermore.

  96. QuillSpell5110

    ahhh i cant do the swelling solution. my com keeps lagging and i always am auto failed i cant brew it can someone please send it to me? i’ll send you anything you cant find. oh my username is QuillSpell5110. thanks!

  97. silversun2543

    I am also having technical difficulties with being able to brew the swelling solution. The heating problem in the second part. I finished brewing the first part of the polyjuice potion, but I can’t collect the necessary ingredients for the next part because I haven’t brewed a swelling solution. Can someone send me a swelling solution, polyjuice potion, or the ingredients for the second part of the polyjuice? Thank you! :]

  98. LumosRook25231

    Hey, can anyone send me a swelling potion please?
    I’ve tried six times to brew it and every time i fail somehow in the second part /:

    • SnitchOwl13055

      i am also having a lot of issues brewing polyjuice potion. my computer keeps glitching when i try to collect fluxweed and wont let me collect it no matter how many times i’ve tried (i’ve read many blogs and still can’t collect it). would someone be willing to friend me and send me polyjuice potion?? i would be eternally grateful. i will try to help you with whatever i can.


  99. DustStrike20536

    Help. I can’t get the fluxweed. I’ve treid everything, but it just won’t work!
    Can anybody help me out here!?!?

  100. Felina

    After trying I don’t know how many time to brew the swelling solution I always find myself in front of the same glitch: At the second half, the instant I start to heat the potion, even with the low heater, it tell me I failed. Anyone managed to do that blasted potion? No because I’m starting to wonder if it’s even possible to do it…

  101. KnightDawn12

    Hi guys,i need some help! I need Pufferfish Eyes for the swelling potion but i can’t buy them. It’s telling me that i need to buy the 2nd years book first but when going on diagon alley, it’s giving me the list, I click on Go shopping but nothing! I tried everything to buy the books but it’s not allowing me! Can somebody help me?

    • SeekerScale29598

      I’m not really sure… but it was the same for me. I just went back to the main screen, then I went straight to Diagon Alley, and went to the bookstore.

  102. SeekerScale29598

    Could someone send a Swelling Solution please? (>w<) I can't seem to make it (ㅠ ㅠ)

  103. Clauda

    I kept messing up with the lacewig flies, then forgot where I first found the fluxweed! Thanks for blogging about it, else I’d have been stuck and and unhappy camper. Cheers.

  104. I’ve tried to brew the polyjuice potion more than 20 times. The initial part is fine and takes like 2 seconds. Wait the hour plus to come back and finish part 1, and as I’m heating it (with plenty of time to finish it as I’ve got everything memorized by now) I get almost done, and the heating timer refreshes to 30 seconds. Because of that I run out of time. It literally goes from telling me I only need to heat it for 5 more secs to 25 secs. Has anyone else encountered this glitch?

  105. ChestnutPixie

    So, I tried tipping the bottle of lacewing flies as suggested for the final step, but after waiting 18 hours for the whole thing to brew… it auto failed me. Anyone know if this is something that’s been ‘fixed’ and if you now have to ‘pour’ the lacewing flies?

    • HeartFeather31548

      I tried tipping my bottle of lacewing flies, too. It didn’t work. Luckily it didn’t auto fail me, so I poured mine and it worked.

      • ChestnutPixie

        Yeah, I’m wondering if I tipped it too close to the cauldron (is such a thing even possible?) After laying the bottle on its side, I was able to get the lacewings out and drop them into the cauldron, but afterwards I was immediately failed :( which is a real pain in the arse after waiting 18 hours in the first place. XD

        Does pouring the lacewings directly into the cauldron have a high failure rate or something? D: I’ve never had a problem pouring ingredients into the cauldron before, so I’m just wondering if those lacewings are extra slippery or something. XD

        • HeartFeather

          I’m not sure if it does have a high failure rate. I’m always able to pour directly into the cauldron. I fail when I tip the bottle on its side. I just pour it very slowly, or I pour too many.

  106. HeartFeather31548

    MagicWillow, I’ll brew them up for you right now! I like brewing potions. :) My username is HeartFeather31548.

    My temp gauge did glitch on the swelling solution.

    Thanks for the tips, Elm! I love your blog!

    • QueenQuaffle23751

      Hey everyone I’m new to pottermore and I have no friends on there to help me out so add me!!! QueenQuaffle23751 Also I’m having a terrible time with the Swelling Solution!! I’ve tried 3 times and the temp gauge messes up at the end and 45 mintues seems like forever lol. Can someone send it to me? Btw I’ve already added a few of you.

    • QueenQuaffle23751

      THANKS for adding me HeatFeather31548!! :D If you an help me out with this potion I’ll send you anything you need.

    • Daera

      Hi we just became friends on Pottermore and I was wondering if you have any of the Polyjuice Potion. I have tried doing it so many times but I can’t get past the lacewing flies because my computer glitches every time. It would be really awesome if you could send me some. My username is HowlOwl10076. Thanks so much

  107. MagicWillow30519

    I have tried making any potions and they never work. MagicWillowf anyone would be willing to sent me some Polyjuice Potion. I just want to read the new info we get from the game. Potions are too hard.

  108. WingUnicorn10942

    I have part one of the Polyjuice Potion, if anyone needs it, just add me on Pottermore:
    Sorry for not helping more on this site, I have recently gotten a new puppy and it’s making it impossible for me to even be on pottermore. If anyone needs any ingredients, just add me :)

    • Megan

      Do you still have that Polyjuice potion part 1?

      • WingUnicorn10942

        Yes I do :) add me as a friend and just tell me your name on pottermore :) I’ll send it to you

    • Daera

      Do you still have some Polyjuice Potion from part 1? I have tried so many times but my computer messes up everytime with the lacewing flies.

  109. FlooNewt73

    Trying to brew Polyjuice and keep failing on the part where you need stir anti-clockwise. I’d be really grateful if any one has any tips, or could gift me some Polyjuice Potion.

    My username is FlooNewt73.

  110. FlameKey1766

    Hi, i hate to beg, but can someone pretty please send me some swelling solution, i am so stuck on it and it just keeps failing on me :( my username is FlameKey1766

    • FlameKey1766, I’ve just friended you to send you one. My user name is GlowQuill18006. I still have a few Swelling Solutions left, if anyone else needs one, although I have now run out of Pufferfish Eyes, so those would be appreciated. Thanks!

  111. MagicWing2964

    so frustrated with this part of pottermore, I have been trying for weeks without success to brew a polyjuice potion. Can somebody please help me by sending me one.

  112. MagicWing2964

    Really frustrated at this part of pottermore, I have been trying for weeks to brew a polyjuice potion, without success, please can somebody send me one!

  113. WingFlame23737

    Can someone please send me a Swelling Solution? I spent a whole month on the same chapter because my potion would fail right in the middle of the second stage :S I’ve already tried more than 20 times and the glitches are killing me :( Thanks in advance!

    • If it is failing because when you try to heat it immediately fails, then there is a solution that someone suggested below and worked for me. Close the tab once you have finished Part One and the countdown timer begins. You can then reopen the potion, but this time it will not have a timer, but a percentage complete. For some reason, the heating glitch doesn’t occur through this screen, just the countdown one. Hopefully that works!

      • WingFlame23737

        Thanks for the tip, I’ll try that! :) But they should really fix the glitches…hopefully I have more luck making the Polyjuice Potion :S

  114. Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could send me a Polyjuice Potion. I’m MirrorErised5. Thanks in advance!

  115. RainPumpkin23180

    Sooo, trying to make any potion and it comes up as ‘NaN% Come back later’ after brewing time is up? Any suggestions as to why that is? I would love to move on :/

  116. MidnightStar

    I have tried so many times to make the potion and just can not get it to work. Has anyone got potion to send me. Getting so frustrated :( User name is MidnightStar769

  117. ShadowSeeker171

    Someone just please send me the polyjuice potion even though i cant even do swelling solution because of technical difficulties Thanks in advance and im ShadowSeeker171

  118. WildPurple10038

    Could anyone please send me the Polyjuice Potion? Thanks! :) Username: WildPurple10038

  119. Goldvine44

    I’ve tried brewing Polyjuice part 1 5 times now and every single time the double timers end up popping up during the heating phase, causing the potion to fail. I’ve tried making sure I leave pottermore open on the cauldron/potion page rather than the actual brewing page with the timer, and making sure I’m signed in fresh before i attempt the second part of the brew, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions for how to fix this glitch? Or is it possible for anyone to send me the potion, at all? I’ll send you whatever you want in return, I’m Goldvine44

    • Stephanie

      I had that exact same problem. I think the issue is that you are doing the potion itself too slow. My advice is to find sites that give the directions or watch several youtube videos multiple times until you have the potion memorized. You have to be really really fast to the point were you cant even hardly check the potion book bc that second timer is letting you know you only have ten seconds to complete everything. Sorry for the long post. But thats what i found worked for me. Oh or if you have a printer, printscreen the potion book, read it, and set it beside you so you dont have to waste time clicking the book. The clock wont start til you click off the book for the first time.
      Good luck!:)

      • Goldvine44

        It worked! Thank you so much. I was so stressed about the lacewing flies and then that double timer issue that I never fully registered the other timer in the left hand corner that only allows you a certain amount of time to complete the final part. I did it all at top speed just now and managed to complete it, so thanks for the heads-up :)

        • Stephanie / MoonHeart25285

          No problem hun :) and I suggest the same thing for part 2 because the one ingredient looks a little different than the ingredient list they show you. But remember you have about 9 hours to come back and finish the last part…. I still came back within a half hour to be safe…. but you do have a little extra time.

          Good Luck :D

    • if you DON’T go away from the original page that shows the amount of minutes (rather than %), there’s no timer in the second part:) i think it’s actually the same glitch as the heating immediate fail.

  120. dreamflame111

    getting so frustrated tried and failed for the polyjuice potion!! would anyone be able to spare me one. my name is dreamflame111 thanks sooo much

    • From what I understand, to be able to get into slytherin common room, you have to make the Polyjuice potion yourself.

      • Cee

        See, this is ridiculous. As much as I love Pottermore and spending time on the site, I simply do not have five extra hours to waste brewing a potion with a glitch in it that renders it unbrewable. I go to the site to have fun, not become so frustrated–and I have a life! I have a career for Merlin’s sake, the HOUR it takes to brew the first part (not to mention the 13-15 times I tried to brew the Swelling Solution before giving up) is maddening when it doesn’t go right. I daresay this applies to most Pottermore denizens since the HP books started out in the late ’90s and none of us is a kid anymore–everyone has jobs and lives! Pottermore needs to rethink the amount of time we are willing to waste working our way through these glitches–I’m frankly really dissatisfied with the holdups.

        • I have to agree. The problem is worse if you are a kid, though. I think some of the frustration could be alleviated by extending the time allowed for brewing. I work pretty fast and I am cutting it fine. I have talked to a few distraught kids in our common room who cannot make the time allowances.

          • I think there should be at least a 24 hour window to “come back” to the potion before it sits too long. Not 15-30 after it finishes brewing. That’s where I usually muck up, because I don’t check it in time.

            • Wing Midnight

              Technically, the amount of time you have to come back to a potion is based on how long it took to brew in the first place, so with Polyjuice Potion #2, you almost DO have 24 hours. I’d also prefer a longer time overall, however.

              • SkullQuill

                Wrong. The time you have to collect it after brewing is EXACTLY half of the time it takes to brew. If it takes an hour of waiting, you have to collect it between an hour and 90 minutes of finishing the potion.

                • Wing Midnight

                  Ah! My bad then. For some reason I thought it was 80%. Not sure why, you think I’d be able to identify “half”.

  121. For those having trouble with glitches, try checking that everything is updated in your browser. I use FireFox and was having loads of trouble. I updated that, but still glitchy. After I updated Java and Silverlight I had no more problems at all. I was also able to pick up items in a few scenes that I could not before. The updates are crucial to success sometimes!

  122. tathrin

    I’ve got a few extra swelling solutions if there are still people who need it. Let me know. My Pottermore name is GlowQuill18006.

  123. Stephanie / MoonHeart25285

    Hi Guys! Can someone please help me. I keep trying to make the polyjuice potion. I am only on part one, but every time I try to heat it, two timers come up and it immediately says I fail. This is literally my fifth time trying :( Can someone please tell me how to fix the timer issue or please gift me the potion? I can’t even imagine how part two is going to be! I can try to gift you something back in return :):)

    Thanks soooo much!! ((HUGS))

    My name on pottermore is: MoonHeart25285

    • Tab

      I had this issue as well. It appears if you wait on the potions page and don’t click “come back later” there will be issues with the temperature and timing. Not sure if it’s a glitch or if they just want you to hit “come back later.”

      • Stephanie / MoonHeart25285

        Well at least I’m not alone :) Thanks for the advice / help!

  124. WillowFrog6067

    I’m taking the liberty of reposting here Wing Midnight’s fantastic tip to circumvent the Swelling Solution temperature glitch, which WORKED for me when nothing else did:

    “This glitch where you’re kicked out as soon as you start heating seems to occur if you leave the browser on the brewing page between the first and second half of brewing. If you leave or close the page and come back later, the error doesn’t seem to occur any more. Sadly, you lose the exact timer because Pottermore has two separate pages and only the initial one has a timer…

    Wing Midnight”

  125. I’ve tried loads of times and I’m slowly giving up could someone please gift me the swelling solution? I can’t get past it -_- thanks :) SpiritMist14676

    • WillowFrog6067

      SpiritMist I can’t remember whether I added you or not. If I didn’t, add me and I’ll send you one!

  126. Daniel

    The polyjuice potion is impossible! Would anyone be so kind as to send me one? My name is; HallowWing2

    Thanks in advance!

  127. RiverGoblet4249

    Anyone have a swelling solution they can spare? I’ve tried brewing it and have had the issue of going to heat the potion and it being failed before it hits the green temp range. Now it won’t let me collect the dried nettles in either scene to continue the attempts.


  128. Cee

    I have tried and tried–literally, at least 13-14 times–to make the Swelling Solution, and it’s impossible. I’ve switched browsers (mostly Chrome but also tried Safari), I’ve logged out and back in, I even bought a different cauldron–nothing! It’s the same problem everyone else is having, I can’t heat it properly in the second part. It’s especially maddening because you have to wait SO LONG until that part. I’ve posted multiple messages on the Gryffindor asking them to please fix the glitch, who knows if those are even posted. Can someone please, I beg of you, gift me some of the Solution? My PM name is FelicisWild15317.

  129. cimuthvistar

    Hi! Found this blog after some desperate attempts on brewing Swelling Solution. Nice blog, i think it’s the only one with live report through the moments? Lol
    Problem is, i’ve been brewing Swelling Solution for like hundred times, used up all my pufferfish eyes and bat spleens and keep going back to Hagrid’s hut for nettles, but still just can’t get it right. Will anyone send me Swelling Solution so i can try Polyjuice? I’ll send you back ingredients!

    I am GobletSun10340. Is brewing Polyjuice harder than Swelling Solution btw?

    • WillowFrog6067

      Just sent you some Swelling Solution GobletSun. If you’re getting the temperature glitch, scroll down and check out Wing Midnight’s tip, it seems to work!

  130. Hi! Found this blog after desperate attempts on brewing Swelling Solution. Nice blog, giving live details through the moments!
    Problem is, i’ve been brewing Swelling Solution for a week, used up all my pufferfish eyes and bat spleens and keep going back to Hagrid’s Hut for nettles, but still just cant get it right -__- Can anyone just send me SS so i can try Polyjuice and enter the Slytherin common room? I’ll send you back ingredients!

  131. FlameProphecy23077

    I have tried to brew the potion a lot of times but failed! could someone please please send me a polyjuice potion?? I can gift watver u lyk.. :)

  132. Kim

    Can anyone send me the polyjuice potion? I have tried countless times to brew it and each and every time I have failed. If anyone would be so kind I will trade anything I have for it

    Name is MagicGoblet5579

  133. Raven 1995

    can you please send me a polyjuice potion, it just ain’t working for me. i have literally given up after trying for the past week.

    I’m Skystar27488

    • WillowFrog6067

      I’ve added you, I can give you both parts :)

      • AurorOwl88 (@WillowFrog6067)

        Thank you all for being so kind, offering me help with polyjuice potion. I already got it from one of you and I am very grateful. Now I can explore the rest of the chapters. It`s really nice to see how friendly people are on Pottermore

        • WillowFrog6067

          You’re very welcome and thank you for the Valentine’s card :)

      • Raven 1995

        I have accaepted your request. It will be great!

        Thanks a ton in advance willowfrog

  134. SeerCentaur37

    I finally brewed a swelling solution after 10 failed attempts. I read in a forum that if you use the pewter cauldron then it usually works. If you’ve tried updating flash, switching browsers and following directions carefully it’s something else to try.

  135. SkullQuill27920

    Left it too long the first time. Oh, well. At least the ingredients are free.
    I studied the book, and the fluxweed and knotgrass images actually do match up, they’re just hard to see.

  136. SkullQuill27920

    Whoops, I meant Fluxweed, and the Whomping Willow chapter. Still won’t let me collect it. I can SEE the Fluxweed, but even changing the zoom of my computer won’t allow me to take it.

    • Try other browsers. Fluxweed can not be gifted or purchased so you HAVE to collect it.

      • SkullQuill27920

        Crap. I’ll go try Chrome, then. Here’s hoping.

      • SkullQuill27920

        Nope. When I try to click on the Fluxweed, my entire browser crashes.

      • SkullQuill27920

        And IE won’t even load the page. This is ridiculous.

      • SkullQuill27920

        Okay, found a workaround. Zoom out, then go either forward a moment or backward a moment (still zoomed). THEN go back or forward respectively. Get hit by the tree four times and move the car back. It finally allowed me to collect the ingredient.

        • Lol. Good grief. At least you got it. It has something to do with the layering of the image. I wish they would fix it or at least let it be gifted.

          • SkullQuill27920

            Yeah, I’d initially been using Firefox, because I hate IE and Chrome rarely works on my home computer.
            Not sure how viewing the formatting of the page would help, though.

            • When you view without formatting its just a long page with each image one above each other allowing you to not deal with their glitchy HTML5 programming. I have not tried it myself but I heard earlier that people were using this method on certain pages.

  137. SkullQuill27920

    I’m trying to brew the first part of the potion, but it says I have no Knotgrass. So I went to Book 2, Chapter 7, Moment 1, as the guide says, but there is no Knotgrass to collect.

  138. HawthornGold175

    Hey, it would be tedious to read all the comments to see whether I’m already repeating what someone else said, but I just want to say that the potions ingredient ‘lacewing flies’ for the Polyjuice Potion does not necessarily have to be purchased.

    Once you run out, it regenerates in the chapter moment where you see the Polyjuice Potion brewing and the three cups of the potion (I believe this is Book 2, Chapter 12, moment 2?). For all those who want to save their Galleons =]

    • This entry was written prior to the release of chapter 12 where you are correct they can now be collected. Eventually I will get around to changing this entry. Stupid muggle life is taking up a lot of time at the moment.

      Edit: actually I went ahead and changed it from my phone. Isn’t technology grand! Thanks for reminding me!

  139. AurorOwl88

    Dear people, could anyone gift me with polyjuice potion? I’ve failed it for more than 10 times and I feel desparate. Can’t enter the Slytherin common room =(

  140. silverunicorn2945

    Well, I tried several times yesterday to brew the Swelling Solution. At first, the instant I turned the heat on it would tell me I failed to follow all the instructions (or something like that) it didn’t specify what. After reading some tips in the comments here, like switching browsers, stirring in small circles and leaving the spoon on the right side of the cauldron, the only progress I made was changing the error message. Now it actually let the temperature start creeping up a little bit, not quite to the green, before it tells me I failed to keep it at the correct temperature. I’ve tried chrome, firefox, and safari. I have it brewing on my husband’s computer now. And there’s one other computer I can try after that. If that doesn’t work, I guess I’m on the hunt for some new Pottermore friends who don’t have the swelling solution glitch who would be oh so helpful to send it to me :) I would happily gift ingredients.

    • Wing Midnight

      This glitch where you’re kicked out as soon as you start heating seems to occur if you leave the browser on the brewing page between the first and second half of brewing. If you leave or close the page and come back later, the error doesn’t seem to occur any more. Sadly, you lose the exact timer because Pottermore has two separate pages and only the initial one has a timer…

      Wing Midnight

  141. WingUnicorn10942

    Can someone send me polyjuice potion as well. Firefox has failed me for the 3rd time while making part 2 of the polyjuice potion. It seems impossible for me. I will gladly trade anything, even in the future if you would need anything.

    • Hey, go swing by the blog thru for the last chapters. I just saw someone over there say they had extras.

      • WingUnicorn10942

        thank you so much. is that your name on pottermore and can I add you as a friend?

  142. flooseeker54

    I am surprised that the remaining chapters have been released with no obvious fix to the heating issue for the Swelling Solution. I reported my issue (the same as many, that as soon as you go to heat the second part of the potion it immediately says that it was heated incorrectly), followed their advice with regards to the updates etc and still had the same issue. I contacted them again and have not had a reply. I tried this potion today, thinking that this issue must have been fixed, but alas no. If anyone would mind gifting me the Swelling Solution I would really appreciate it! And thanks Elm for the wonderful blog!

  143. Halp!! I realized when the rest of the chapters for book two came out that I never finished the swelling potion. And now I remember why. Every time I get to the second half of the directions where I heat it again…it doesn’t work. A counter for 20 seconds appears (not one for 30). I heat for the twenty seconds, then the counter goes away. A counter for ten seconds appear on left side of the cauldron. But no heat index thing shows up. No matter what I do at this point, I get a notification saying the potion failed. What am I doing wrong?

    • GreenRose

      I heat the swelling solution for twenty seconds, turn the heat off, wave my wand, and the potion works. I have seen the counter on the other side a few times; it seems to be a counter to tell me how much time I have left to finish the potion. I have made four swelling solutions this way (heating for twenty seconds, not thirty) and they have worked every time for me. I always heat the solution on low heat – it takes a while to get in range, but is much easier to control when it is in range. I use Firefox for my browser, if that is any help.

    • the good thing is that you can have a swelling potion gifted to you and still brew the polyjuice yourself. i did that:) try polyjuice one for now, you don’t need snape’s ingredients for it.

  144. Lola

    Elm, I’m a Slytherin. And yes, while Polyjuice is not required to enter the Slytherin Common Room, I’ve been trying to brew the Swelling Solution (to be perfectly honest, I suck at Potions!!), so as to get the two ingredients from Snape’s office to get two more points for myself (yeah, I have NO intention of brewing the Polyjuice, so Slytherin of me!). Anyway, I’ve been trying really hard to brew the Swelling Solution, but I’m having problems with the temperature (too many glitches!! It’s bloody frustrating!). So, Elm, if it’s not too much trouble, could you please send me a Swelling Solution? My PM username is SpellWatch8742. I’ve sent a friend request (normally, I don’t send friend requests to strangers, but your blog has been so helpful overall, and you’re a really nice and friendly girl :D). So could you please help me out with this? Thanks.

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  146. Another way to get the fluxweed for the Polyjuice Potion
    If you double-click on the windscreen a few times, the car gets a bit battered and then reverses out, from there you can collect the fluxweed

  147. BloodScarlet18109

    Can somebody send me a Polyjuice Potion? I’ve attempted it 3 times and failed every time. I’ll trade pretty much anything in return. My PM name is BloodScarlet18109. The tips were very useful but while I was on Part2 I ran out of time. Thanks!

  148. Man. Potions – I do not have the time nor ability to make them.

    If anyone could gift me the polyjuice potion, I will gladly gift any or all of the things I have in my truck (ingredients, cards, random stuff, etc) in return.

    Just reply below with what you’d like.

    My username is DustMarauder83

    • IceFeather

      Hello. I can send you Polyjuice. :) Nothing or ingredients in return. :) Happy to just help. :) IceFeather23738

      • Thanks! I just accepted your request. Let me know if you change your mind and would like something in return! *hugs*

      • Courtney

        Do you have any more Polyjuice that you can help me with? My browser keeps crashing every time I try to brew it. My username is ErisedCharm24085.

      • FeatherCharm2196

        Hey IceFeather23738 If you could gift me polyjuice that would be awesome! tried about 5 times now to make a simple swelling solution apparently potions is not my strong suit!

  149. AurorSand9277

    can someone gift me those two potions? my laptop is really slow & i just keep wasting my time trying those potions… i can gift u watever u want except fluxweed :)

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  151. patronusstar29443

    Polyjuice potion is going to be the death of me. When I pick up the lacewing flies bottle it swings and some always falls into the cauldron. Or if I do get the right amount in there my computer is kinda glitchy when I crush them and it takes up all the time to make the potion. So frustrating!

    • Pheobe

      I have a problem with the lacewing flies, too. Even though I have enough of them, the bottle doesn’t show up when I try to brew the potion. Am I missing something?

      • icesun3939

        Have you found a solution to that problem yet, im having the same issue over here, thanks

    • patronusstar29443

      Ok so I finally finished part 1! (I feel so proud of myself). I think they added a little bit more time to make the potion and the temperature range is bigger because everyone needs to make it to get into the slytherin common room.

  152. RoseNewt

    Thank you for all your help, Elm! By following your directions I was able to brew the polyjuice potion the first time I tried. Without your tips many of us would waste valuable time and resources! Thanks for all you do for all the Hogwarts Houses!

  153. kenna

    I have to thank you again for your hard work on this blog…it’s helped me so much already. It’s great to see everyone (well almost everyone!) so appreciative of what you’ve done and are willing to help each other. You’ve probably got enough already, but I sent you a friend request–I’m DawnQueen180. From a grateful Snake, thank you!

  154. Merlin’, this took forever, so glad for this blog, so I knew where all the ingredients respawned (and believe, I needed the extras). I’ve only just mastered part one, after days of failed attempts, and now I’ve got to wait 18 bloomin’ hours for part 2 x.x Hermione is a better witch than I.

  155. star

    just brewed swelling solution (as i said below.) and now i’m waiting for pt 2 of polyjuice potion to brew. i’m glad it doesn’t take 3 months=P

  156. star

    just brewed polyjuice potion now i’m gonna brew swelling solution. wish me luck.

  157. RiverHallow346

    i have a problem
    i have made the swelling solution and i went to chapter5 moment 2 to collect the fluxweed but i couldnt . i could see it but i could just not click on it and collect it. does this mean that i cant make the polyjuice potion and if i cant make the potion then i cant go on to the next chapters and my pottermore is finnished. is there any thing i can do to help.

  158. MagicSkull2448

    I tried being ready to turn off the flame as soon as I turned it on, but the second I turned it on, it said I failed to keep the temperature within range. Is there anything I can do to stop it happening?

    • RiverNimbus

      RiverHallow, That is a glitch on PMs part. Report it to them through help. I am hoping they fix it when the new chapters come out as it has happened so many time to me that I have stopped brewing potions.

  159. Modred

    Reading this saved my computer – because I was nearly ready to throw it out a window after failing the first part of Polyjuice three times in a row. ;P The lacewing flies either fell in my cauldron on the way to the mortar, or too many poured out at once. So finally I did what you say to do in the second step and let them fall on the table. Means I have to buy more for the second part, but that’s fine. For zero points, I only intend to brew this once.

  160. Thank you for all the tips Elm! I’ve been able to brew all these potions successfully. :)

    Btw, a bit off topic, but do we know when the new chapters will be released? Would seem odd to get the House Cup in November when we haven’t even finished the year.

    Anyway, love your blog. Life savor really.

  161. I think I found a bug, and a good one for once. In the second parts, the timer only starts if you go elsewhere/restart the browser and go to the potion via notifications/cauldrons/potions book etc. But if you don’t close the original page (I normally don’t, as that’s the only way to see the exact number of minutes left… It only shows percentages if you go back later), then there’s no time limit for the second part! Oh my, I’ve just had to use mistletoe berries within the time limit, such a fuss :S

    I just hope they won’t correct this bug before correcting the ones that actually spoil the experience for us!!!

    • if anyone wants to test this, i recommend wideye (if it works for you). just aconite and stirring in the second part.
      arghhhh why does it care that i dropped aconite into the mortar if i’m not gonna use the mortar anymore! oh well at least i never get errors for spilling on the table/leaving bottles sideways! *knock on wood* in fact i really love that you can make a total mess and still get the max points… and that you don’t lose your ingredients if you spill them :D

  162. wingchestnut8

    I started on the swelling solution, made a a mistake and accidently clicked out of it. Now I cannot find where it is and I cannot start a new one untill that one is finished (failed or completed) could anyone tell me how I could find it again?

    • Click potions and then click on click on Cauldrons in the links above you potions book.

      • wingchestnut8

        I have, it just has options to brew new potions but not this one? I think I have figured out the problem, I looked at the book again and there is a tick next to bat spleens and putterfish eyes, but what kindof looks like a search icon next to the dried nettles. I’ve tried buying more but there isn’t an option for it, can this only be found?

  163. Newt

    i just wanted to say, i love how great giving warm and welcoming the community that exists here is. everyone is so generous and polite and great!

    • Newt

      and how awesome you are elm! we have the same irl also! this website is friggin awesome and the only pottermore faq site that i use, or is good rly at all.

    • floobludger667


    • RiverNimbus

      Elm, I logged into PM about an hour ago to brew herbicide. While there, I was supprised to see both the Common Room and Great Hall comments were 5 hours behind. Either we have another large glitch or hopefully they are fixing the problems. I had no trouble brewing Herbicide. When I logged off the lag in both comments was 6 hours.

      • RiverNimbus

        Well so much for wishful thinking. The glitches are still there. The comment lag I mentioned in my other post lasted eight hours. This afternoon I tried brewing Sleeping Draught. The first time I ran into the disappearing cauldron buttons. The second, I pressed the gigh button to get hugh heat and when I pressed low the red line continued to the top of the gauge. I pressed it prior to the red reaching the correct range. The last time in part one the lavender moved so wildly it wound up in the cauldron instead of the mortar.

  164. katty geltmeyer


    I got swelling solution gifted to me, and that let me collect the 2 ingredients from Snape’s private store: bicorn horn and boomslang skin. I don’t know if polyjuice potion can be gifted to someone else? As I’m blind, I can’t use the mouse as seeing persons do, so, I can’t brew potions, nor duel. I also can’t run the mouse over the mandrake, click the howler etc. f clickable elements aren’t presented to me as text labeled objects, I even can’t see them nor use the keyboard to activate them.

    Best, Katty =Wolfsbanewillow19281

  165. Newt

    i added the bat spleens, stirred four times and it always cuts me off and says that i did not brew the potion correctly. wth!?!? please help this is the fifth time this has done this to me and I just want to go collect the stuff from snapes office. does recieving a swelling solution count towards this, if so can someone just send me one! help!

    • Newt

      the bat spleens gets checked off my directions list, but it always just exlpodes into a puff and the number one doesnt appear.

    • RiverNimbus

      Newt, Friend me on PM and send one pufferfish eyes and I will send you SS. I hate to ask for the pupperfish but I have run into so many glitches.

    • RiverNimbus

      Elm, Thanks for the updated ingredent list. They are getting hard to keep track of.

  166. star

    hey elm!
    i don’t mean to be rude or anything but when is the next ask elm?

  167. FeatherSun19630

    The thermometer actually shows up for me now, which is great, except that as soon as I heat anything, it glitches like crazy. I’ve always found potions a little annoying because of the long wait which requires me to stay online and mostly at my computer, but to make it required and then not clear up all glitches pre-uploading is beyond frustrating.

    • RiverNimbus

      When you run into glitches, repoer them to PM through the help tab. The more we report, the better our chances of getting it fixed. The glitches have been with us since the change to potions.

      • dhrothstein@cox.net

        I just ran into a different glitch when trying to brew Swelling. In part 1 I added the ingredents to the mortar, had some problems crushing them but when I did get them crushed thet would not lift out of the mortar. I did not release the mouse. I reported it to PM but they do not seem to be fixing the problems.

        • PatronusChaser

          I reported one of the glitches I ran into. I got a nice form letter back telling me to update my browser and flash. I wrote back that they are current and I used to be able to brew without difficulties. I asked them if they changed potions to randomly fail. :) Because if they haven’t, they have major glitches. I listed the ones I have run into in my reply. I agree with RiverNimbus. Let them know what you are experiencing. Maybe they will listen if a lot of people report the problems.

  168. I click on the pestle now too – which seems to work better than the mortar for me. Interestingly no matter where you click, the ingredients will not grind up on an iPad – even though Book 2 was definitely more iPad compatible than Book 1. I’m still hoping for the day my finger can point my wand and wave to finish a potion.

  169. ellebelle92

    yay i finally did swelling solution!! thanks elm!!

  170. WillowFrog6067

    Merlin’s beard! I just managed to brew Swelling Solution, and I didn’t get the heating glitch! It’s a miracle!

  171. AsphodelMoonstone13095

    I have brewed the Swelling Solution 4 times, Poly Juice Potion part 1 and 2 once and Just Poly Juice potion part 1 three times. These potions can be done. You just have to stick with it until you succeed. And of course use Safari browser. ;)

    • WillowFrog6067

      Safari really didn’t work for me. I had every problem under the sun – screen freezing, pages loading bizarrely (“This potion is NaN% complete”) or not at all, and having to change browsers mid-brew because the countdown wasn’t working.

      • Salty

        This is happening to me now!! I have tried brewing the first part of the swelling solution and all it says is “NaN% complete come back later” it has been like this for two days… I even deleted my first account and made a new one and it still did this!! Is safari the problem?? Im desperate!
        add me- im fanglight18411

  172. star

    i’m starblood11750 <3

  173. ellebelle92

    i have tried the swelling solution so many times now, and every time i get past the brewing part, add the bat spleens, stir 4 x counter clockwise and then it tells me it ‘wasn’t mixed correctly’ just before i go to put the heat on…what am i doing wrong?! help – i cant face failing one more time!

    • did the number 4 appear? i usually have to stir more times than it says before the required number appears XDDD also do you move the spoon to the other side before starting to stir? if you’re 100% sure you’re doing everything correctly (compare with a video tutorial for example), it’s a glitch:(

  174. Thanks again for gifting me the swelling potion, the polyjuice one worked! :)
    Interestingly though, I couldn’t spill the flies and grab them, had to put the bottle aside really fast after it registered one fly :D did the same in the first part though and it worked…
    I didn’t have the page open at all for some part of the long wait, I think if you click “come back later” you can safely close pottermore or logout.

  175. Reducio

    UHG! I cannot get the swelling solution to work!!! I’m really quite frustrated at this point. If there’s anyone out there who would gift me one, I would GLADLY repay in ingredients. I’m so worried about doing the polyjuice potion because I can’t imagine spending 18 hours and then having a glitch ruin it at the last second… like what keeps happening with my swelling solution.
    My username is HallowHex156.

    • Shadow

      My second part of the Pollyjuice Potion needs another 30 minutes for me to finish it, but after that I would gladly do a swelling solution for you. I love potions. :)

      • Reducio

        Hi! What was your username so I can send you the ingredients? Thank you!!!
        PS- sorry for the delay in response!

    • I’ve tried the swelling solution many times and it IS damn glitchy, but I brewed the polyjuice potion at first try :)

  176. AsphodelMoonstone13095

    7 times is the charm! I successfully brewed Swelling Solution! Thank you MidnightGhost for your helpful input. I only succeeded using Safari. I know that was the problem because the first time I tried in Safari it worked!

  177. Raven 1995

    Elm can you please send me a swelling potion? I just cant control the temp in the second half.

  178. AsphodelMoonstone13095

    I am now on my 4th attempt at the Swelling Solution. Everything has changed. I cannot get past the second part of the brewing process. I did the stirring just as required but I was told I didn’t stir properly. I excel at brewing potions so I hope to succeed at this one soon. I knew the brewing potion part was going to come back and haunt some. I was peeved during Book 1 how so few competitors actually brewed.

  179. Mikan

    Wow, my browser really hates this potion. O____o It always comes up with something to ruin it, I wonder if I’ll ever manage to brew it.

  180. darrin

    If anyone can send me the swelling potion, i would greatly appreciate it! I am HowlSeer20421

    • Shadow

      Do you still need one? I don’t find it hard to brew them, just add me an I’ll send you one, from snake to snake. (I’m DreamStone12078)

      • Raven 1995

        sent you a friend request, please if possible send me a swelling potion.


  181. darrin

    Ugh…I have the latest Firefox (15.0.1) and can’t get the potions to work right.

  182. WillowFrog6067

    I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this but there seems to be a new hotspot on the mortar. I don’t like clicking on the pestle but clicking on the mortar only works now (for me anyway) if you click in the centre and close to the rim.

    There’s a hotspot on the wolfsbane too, took me a while to find it. If you grab it randomly it turns to dust!

  183. could someone please send me a swelling potion? I’d be ever so grateful- my chrome doesn’t let me make it. :( >>>>>> PatronusDust73

  184. i feel really awful asking this, but if we are going to need these potions to advance, could someone gift them to me? i can’t brew potions at all, i even find the games inordinately difficult. i only have one friend on pottermore and she isn’t active so i don’t have anyone else to ask. of course i would gift back the ingredients used. thanks so much.

    this is lovely blog, i just found it and i love having the lists to check myself with. (the only thing i am good at is finding the items) i really appreciate all your efforts elm, you put in a lot of work. ~floobludger667

    • RiverNimbus

      FlooBludger, Friend me on PM and I will send the potions to you. I appreciate your offer of ingredents.

      • floobludger667

        i friended you and sent on the ingredients. thank you so much, i really appreciate it. :)

        • RiverNimbus

          FlooBludger, I think you sent way too many pufferfish eyes. Are you sure you do not want some back?
          I was just glad I could help you.

      • floobludger667

        thanks again so much! i’m sending you all my superfluous ingredients to make up for the ones i couldn’t gift:)

        sorry for clogging the thread elm, i’m just so grateful!

        • RiverNimbus

          Floobludger, I sent you some different potions as a gift. I appreciate all the ingredents you sent me.

          • floobludger667

            you are such a dear, thank you! it was no problem, since i really don’t brew. i do try from time to time, the one for boils i think, because i don’t want to be a quitter, but i am just not really good with my hands. and i get easily frustrated.

      • Raven 1995

        Please friend me up. Id is skystar27488. i have already sent you a request. i will send uo some ingredients if you like.

  185. I really give up for now:'( Tried the Swelling potion on Chrome and got the same bug as in Firefox, it says at once that i failed to keep temp within range even before it turned green.
    BTW if your browser is too old Pottermore will notify you and won’t let you even try to brew a potion. So theoretically if it allows you to try your browser is good enough.

    Can anyone please gift me a Swelling potion? My username is NoxBiancospino28919 :) I really want to steal more from Snape’s office and try the second part of the Polyjuice Potion – already done the first part:) It doesn’t involve heating after the looong wait so hopefully I’ll manage to brew it:)

  186. RuneEcho3687

    Elm, what do you think are the chances of PM switching back to the old style of potion-brewing (you can hit “back” if you mess up, the thermometer is managable)? Do you think the updates have anything to do with rectifying the “time-turner” potion cheat? If you need any more scullery keys just let me know.

    • I actually think that fixing the cheat was coincidental. I think this move was to get away from Flash. I expect Pottermore is working to switch everything off of Flash as less and less devices support it now. But I do think if we continue giving feed back it will get better.

      • RiverNimbus

        Elm, I have run into a glitch new to me. This morning I tried to brew SS twice. Each time I got to heating in the second part and each time I got a failed message due to not keeping the temp in the range but in each case the temp had not even gotten to the bottom line or turned green. I sent PM a message and will probably get the standard reply, which means no help.I suggested they make the range wider so more students can participate.

        I am beginning to believe PM is in trouble. I estamate about 30% of PM students were active prior to the latest chapters and update. I now believe that figure is going down due to the frustration of many with the latest changes.

        • I have heard of this glitch. I get it myself on one of my computers. I can not brew on that computer to save my life now.

          In regards to interest in the site I believe we are seeing similar to what we saw before which is a great deal of people scooting thru the chapters and abandoning ship again. The Swelling Solution has to be fixed before more chapters come or there will be troubl though. Especially if Polyjuice is required to move forward past when the trio uses it in the books.

  187. Pumpkin Thestral

    So I have fluxweed. I collected it from the Whomping Willow and I bought it from diagon alley. It even appears in my ingredients list. But when I click on the moste potente potions book, it says I am still missing fluxweed! So I can’t brew the potion!!!! Any ideas!?!?!?

  188. wizard

    Hey! ElmBlade, could you gift me with a Polyjuice Potion Part 1? I’ve failed numerous attempts and it’s starting to bug me!

  189. bsmith93

    really struggling with the swelling potion! im fine right up until the heating bit, then the first time i tried i went a little over, and the second and third times i have no idea what happened maybe it went under? im getting really annoyed with this as its not letting me do this so i cant move on but when i try they make it really hard and dont let me correct my mistakes!

  190. Cloak

    Thank you for your time and generosity. One puzzle I have in brewing PJ potion Part 2. Tells me I have 700+ seconds, but timed me out after 10 seconds. I was being extra careful after such a long brewing time. I found that very unexpected.

  191. It took me so many attempts to make that stupid Swelling Solution! I had the screen freezing problem in the second half of the potion when trying to heat it. I use IE9 and after reading about using a different browser, I decided to try Safari, which I have never, ever used before, and it worked for me. Still I wasted so much time trying to make it, not happy!

  192. tathrin

    Elm, you are our Snape! I love it.

    Also, on a mostly-unrelated note, does anyone know of a way to get the tip-the-lacewing-sideways tricks to work with other ingredients? Because I am wracked with hate for mistletoe berries right now, and I’m sure they’re not the only ingredient I’m going to end up despising, now that the “back button” option has been removed, and we only get one shot to tip in the right amount from those stupid little bottles. Here’s hoping that Pottermore decides to be kind, and changes those things so we can pick the ingredients up — as we do with the Pufferfish eyes — and drop them in one-by-one instead. Sigh!

    • I also hope that other jugs of ingredients go the way of the pufferfish eyes and bat spleens. I haven’t tried tipping other stuff. I am working in brewing each of the potions on the we system. I will keep you guys posted.

    • refreshing seems to start the same potion from the beginning:) can’t help if the fail has already been detected though – and now they’re detected fast…at least you don’t go through the whole thing only to find out you did something wrong earlier.

  193. I had to get a new graphics pen so that I could stir the Swelling Solution properly! Finally managed to get it to stir, so now I’ve raided Snape’s private stores, and it’s on to Polyjuice!

  194. QueenHolly179

    Elm, thanks for this post xD I’ll make sure to use it when I somehow get to Polyjuice Part 2 ~~ which is what I’m going to complain about. I don’t think anyone, or you, has mentioned this… I keep brewing Polyjuice 1 and getting through everything, until the very last heating part. I heat it okay and everything ~~ it seems to work great on Safari ~~ but I keep getting to like 2 seconds left to heat when the countdown 10 second timer starts, and it KEEPS resetting the heating time to 30 seconds, so obviously it fails. I don’t know if this was a problem with the old potions ~~ I don’t remember it if it was. I don’t know if there’s anything that you can really do to help, except brew faster. I told Pottermore through the help thing ~~ but I just thought that if you haven’t heard about that glitch I should say something.

    • Darn, I forgot about that. Send an email via the help page telling them it is resetting. And then try to increase your speed. I can tell you that you can reach the wand waving step of that phase before the ten second countdown ever starts.

      • QueenHolly179

        Thanks, Elm! I will. And I’m sure you can ~~ I know that one time, it wouldn’t let me pick up the crushed mixture from the mortar for like 20 seconds, so that slowed me down. Otherwise I think it’s the new pestle, which keeps on sticking! But with practice, I’ll get used to it, I’m sure. It’s just kind of frustrating!

    • Stephanie / MoonHeart25285

      I have the same problem…. did you ever find a fix??

  195. I think its so cool how they changed the wand to your wand!

    • I was particularly thrilled with this myself! To see my own wand and to pick it up and wave it around was an amazing touch to the game.

  196. ellebelle92

    on the swelling solution, in part 2 is it 4 or 5 stirs counter clockwise? after failing twice and 45 mins brewing i don’t want to get it wrong again!! thanks for your blog – i love it!

  197. swpants

    OK I don’t get it. I dumped the flies on the table, grabbed one, and stirred. Went to add the hair and it said I didn’t brew it correctly.

  198. Colten (QuillRune29651)

    Your blog, and twitter are, of course, fantastic! Our fellow Slytherin, ElmFrog – aka: “The Dude”, advised the common room about tipping the Lacewing Flies bottle its side, as well which saved me from a third failed Polyjuice Part 2 attempt. I do miss the wand animation.
    Now here’s hoping for a Mandrake Restorative Draught to brew in the future!
    And if Polyjuice takes forever, can you imagine if they let us brew Felix Felicis in HBP? Haha, keep up the great work Elm!

  199. RiverNimbus

    Elm, After the new chapters opened I managed to brew swelling succesfully 3 times and both polyjuices twice (using the tip laceflys on the table).
    My last three attempts of each potion has failed due to the button glitch. With swelling it happens in part two. When I click on either the high or low button of the cauldron (I have tried both) the low button disappears and the thermometer never appears. The screen is frozen. The same happens when I try polyjuice. I have contacted PM several times but nothing seems to change.
    Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Last, I think you accidently typed 5 when you meant 4 in step 9 of the swelling solution.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • I have heard tell I’d disappearing buttons and meters but haven’t gotten a handle on cause. Have you attempted different browsers?

      • RiverNimbus

        Elm, I have only used IE9. It has allways worked for me. I never had a problem, I didn’t create, with potions before the upgrade.I have never used another browser for anything.
        I tried polyjuice 1 this aftrenoon and got to part 2. After I put the flys in the mortar (i used your tip on leaning against the cauldron)I clicked on the pestle and it froze and the low button on the cauldron daiappeared. The only thing working was the exit button.
        I would give up on polyjuice except I figure there will be some needing it when the next chapters open.

  200. jasli98

    For some reason, your post with all the shortcuts and cheats reminded me of how Snape wrote in the Half Blood Prince’s copy of the Potion making book…lol

  201. Great post! I have had zero time for potions. I hope they add something to make it more fun. Sorry to say that, but other than chucking gnomes, I haven’t been hugely impressed with the games. I am all about the bonus content.

  202. Stardust

    Thank you sooo much for the help :)

  203. RuneEcho3687

    It’s interesting that you can gift part one of the polyjuice and still brew part two. I wonder if part two is the only one you need to advance in the story?


    I really miss my best friend, THE BACK KEY. There is no forgiveness now if you make a mistake in potions. That makes potion brewing much harder.
    I also had a problem with the stirring because they put the spoon on the right side of the cauldron. I kept putting the spoon on the left when I stirred. When I tried to heat after I did that, the cauldron button disappeared and my potion failed. Sometimes, my cauldron exploded. It took me a while to figure out what I was doing wrong. Be careful and make sure you return the spoon to the right side of the cauldron.
    Seems to me that heating tasks are much more difficult now. It is definitely something that you have to focus on carefully. Not something you can do “with your mind on your supper” as Professor McG. would advise.
    Thanks Elm for your help.

  205. WillowFrog6067

    Regarding Swelling Solution, step 10 is killing me. I tried your tip but the second I hit the low heat button the stupid thing fails every time as I “didn’t keep the potion in the right temp range”. The only time I managed to brew it successfully was by using the high heat button at first and then going low-off-low-off like crazy the whole time, which I’d rather not do too often as it’s quite stressful! I’m using a brass cauldron (my only cauldron), maybe I need a slower one?

    The stirring tip is interesting as I’ve ruined a few potions by stirring the old-fashioned way. Will definitely try your way next time.

    • WillowFrog6067

      Well there you go. Failed again, even when using the high heat button. Every time it happens, the thermometer is still purple when I get the temp range message! Is it a glitch or something? I tried with both Chrome and IE, didn’t help.

      On the other hand, stirring in small circles worked beautifully, thanks!

      • It’s the trickiest thing ever. I have one computer I’ve given up trying to brew on because of this. Now I click high for literally as long as it takes me to click it an move the mouse to the low button and click that. I now stay away from high heat when the wanted temp is low on the meter. Had you tried Firefox? A lot of people are having good luck with that.

        • WillowFrog6067

          Right, I’ll try Firefox next then. Funnily enough, I gave up on Firefox some weeks ago because the potion page wouldn’t load properly, but that was before the revamp.

          • WillowFrog6067

            Nope, failed again in Firefox. All I have to do is click on one of the heating buttons (doesn’t matter which) and it INSTANTLY gives me the wrong temp range message. Before the thermometer even turns green. I’m annoyed now.

            • This is gonna sound dumb, but what side if the cauldron did you leave your spoon on? I keep hearing it glitches when you leave your spoon in the left side instead of the right.

              • WillowFrog6067

                Well, any suggestion is welcome at this point. I can’t remember which side I left it on, I only look at the counter when stirring but I’ll pay attention next time.

                All this work for only seven points!

                • WillowFrog6067

                  Alas, leaving the spoon on the right-hand side made no difference whatsoever :(

                  Thanks for your help Elm but I think I’m going to stick to the other potions for the time being, before I go insane. They all work fine except for Sleeping Draught which has the same heating glitch. It’s rather weird.

    • i have the same problem!!! it then starts to heat in the background! http://prntscr.com/fz4br http://snag.gy/JH8UG.jpg
      i’m using firefox and many other potions work fine (cure for boils, herbicide, wideye, also brewed PJ1 once). i’ve tried to give up but i still try it every now and then, only got 7x pufferfish eyes now left:( i love the look of it when you put these eyes in the mortar btw! in fact if it worked i’d brew the swelling solution just for fun :D

      • WillowFrog6067

        Yes, I noticed that – whilst you’re reading your message of doom, the temperature keeps going up and up until it turns red. At least the cauldron doesn’t blow up!

  206. DawnQueen180

    Elm, thank you for all the helpful info. Your blog is fantastic!

  207. swpants

    ahhhh,pouring the flies onto the table! Thanks! I will do that today and see if it works.

  208. Runi

    Wonderfully done Elm!

  209. queststorm117

    I love your blog.. :D

  210. OakDust

    I too got fluxweed and knotgrass mixed up in poly part 1. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

    I haven’t had trouble with stirring but I have had issues with the pestle sticking and not crushing the ingredients.

    And oh, the temp gauge on swelling part 2! I’ve only brewed it once and did it just how you described.

    Thanks, Elm!

    • I had to make sure to write in here to click in the pestle to crush. In the old potions I could actually click on the mortar to crush but it sticks when I do that now.

      • Brewed Glory

        I still click on the mortar an it works fine for me. You can also just click on the wand. It twitches a little and then you get your points.

        • SkullQuill27920

          They are treated as separate. While you must have a completed Part 1 in order to brew the second, you can brew Part 1 at any time, provided you have the ingredients and collected the book.

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