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Pottermore Adds Content to Books in the Library

This morning, Pottermore quietly went down and came back up with some changes. The biggest of these being that they added five more bits of unlockable “New from J.K. Rowling” information to the first book. More subtle was the return of friend locations on the Pottermore Gateway and the reversal of the tab order on the Common Room and Great Hall comment boards. I am particularly glad for the latter, as it had slowly became tiresome having to click on “Comments” EVERY time I refreshed in the Common Room.

Pottermore gave a vague statement on Twitter about the update, and did not bother to post anything on the Insider, instead the link in the tweet simply takes you to the Pottermore home page.

The first question that leapt to my mind was “Which library?” The answer as it turned out was all three. New clickable books can be found in all three moments in the first book that took place in the library. Below you will find a table describing each books location and links to the library it is in.

It actually took me a while to find all five. I don’t even want to admit to you how long I spent scanning shelves in the Harry Becomes an Outcast moment. Finally I relented and asked in the common room about the last missing book. (Thanks Midnight Nettle!)

Locations below the cut… Continue reading

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