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Chamber of Secrets (ch 12 -18) Blog Through

Update: If you are a Slytherin you will not need Polyjuice potion to get into the Slytherin common room in the story. All other houses see A Tale of Two Potions for help brewing Polyjuice.

Are you guys ready? I’m getting set up at this end right now! First a couple things all collectible items will be in bold. This includes Objects, Chocolate Frog Cards, Books, Galleons and Potion Ingredients. All unlockable J.K. Rowling info will be listed in itallics. This is to help you find them in this entry if you are just looking for item locations. All item location lists here on the blog will be updated after the fact, currently they only go through chapter 11 of Chamber of Secrets.

Please feel free to leave comments as I go along. If I have missed something and moved on please feel free to tell me.

Where we left off: Harry had attended the Dueling Club where he accidentally revealed to the entire school that he could speak to snakes. The dragon dung is about to hit the proverbial fan. Hope you guys are ready, I know I am!

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